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Going Eco-Friendly Throughout Your Company
Posted on 20th December 2019

Although plastic is still heavily relied upon throughout businesses, many companies today are choosing a more eco-friendly approach. There are fairly common methods such as ‘remember to recycle’ and ‘save electricity’, but helping the environment and becoming more eco-savvy should give companies the chance to get in touch with their creative side. – Read More.

The World’s Most Exclusive Membership Cards
Posted on 3rd July 2019

Have you ever wondered what the most elite, successful and wealthy citizens get up to? Where do they dine, where do they party or stay on their lavish trips across the world. Have you ever wondered what kind of clubs are available for said people and how easy it is to gain access as “normal” members of society? – Read More.

10 Weird and Wonderful Festivals Across the World
Posted on 14th March 2019

From the biggest festivals in the world including Glastonbury and Coachella to the weird and wonderful, lesser known festivals such as a cheese festival that involves a cheese rolling event. There’s a festival for everything and we’ve delved deep across the globe to bring you the most weird and wonderful festivals that bring in thousands every year. – Read More.

How Gift Cards Can Help You Give The Perfect Gift This Christmas
Posted on 11th November 2018

If you are considering presenting your friends or family members with a gift card this Christmas but worry it’s a bit of a thoughtless gift, well you thought wrong! Check out our guide today on how gift cards can help you give the perfect gift this Christmas. – Read More.

How To Build Your Brand With Gift Cards
Posted on 19th October 2018

Picture this: you’re a small business or start-up making quality goods, looking to make your business seem smart and professional to potential customers. Or maybe you run a medium to large-sized business and want to make your logo ubiquitous, as so many businesses do. – Read More.

University of Plastic Cards
Posted on 25th September 2018

If you are looking to invest in some brand new express plastic cards for your university or university society, why not invest in the best. We take a look at some of the most common plastic cards used on university campuses today. – Read More.

Introducing our NEW Eco Cards
Posted on 23th August 2018

Here at The Plastic Card People, we have a wide range of cards that can suit your needs. Whether you are looking for membership cards, business cards, or loyalty cards, we have a larger range of plastic cards to choose from. However, if you are looking for a greener alternative to plastic cards, we have a fabulous new range of Eco Cards. – Read More.

The Basics of Branding
Posted on 24th July 2018

Do you own or are considering starting your own business? Have you considered the basics of branding and how a company’s brand can be extremely important to the overall success and visibility, check out our infographic today and find out more. – Read More.

Are Gift Cards Present Material?
Posted on 22nd June 2018

Have you ever wondered whether presenting your friends or relatives with a gift card is the best present? Here at The Plastic Card People we say yes! Plastic gift cards mean that your loved ones can spend their money on whatever they wish and for businesses this opens up a great range of opportunities. – Read More.

How to Design your own Business Cards
Posted on 14th May 2018

Leave a lasting impression on your potential business partners and customers with a well thought out business card. A business card that you can be proud of and that your potential partners can be amazed by – Read More.

Top 10 Festival Event Passes
Posted on 09th April 2018

More people are moving from cash and handling cash on a day to day basis – to cards. However, not just your typical debit or bank cards, more so – smart cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and gift cards – Read More.

Top 10 Festival Event Passes
Posted on 15th February 2018

Every year there are hundreds of festivals that take place in the UK and all over the world. Thousands of people gather to attend food festivals, film festivals, music festivals and so much more. We look at the very best event passes used by some of the biggest festivals in the UK – Read More.

What if the Game Of Thrones characters has business cards
Posted on 24th November 2017

If you aren’t aware of Games of Thrones then we must assume you have been living in a cave for the past six years… if this is the case, you should be banished to Old Valyria – Read More.

Understanding Colour in Print
Posted on 17th October 2017

In this infographic, we cover a topic that is often forgotten when preparing artwork – Colour in Print. From CMYK to RGB, litho printing to Screen printing, we explain the benefits and limitations to help ensure your artwork will look fantastic in print – Read More.

University societies to try - part 2
Posted on 16th October 2017

It’s that time of year when you are potentially moving to a new city, perhaps even a new country and are dreading the awkward “making friends” moment.

Joining a society is one of the best ways to meet people who may be exactly like you, including common interests, common passions and basically just people who get you – Read More.

If Superheroes has Business Cards - part 3
Posted on 19th September 2017

If you enjoyed our first two articles speculating about the business cards superheroes might use, then welcome to the third part!

As digital effects get more powerful and cheaper, more and more superhero films and TV series are coming out. The two main comic empires, DC and Marvel, are having a titanic battle for supremacy at the box office with Marvel arguably winning at the moment.That means there’s a seemingly unending range of superheroes being put in front of new audiences – Read More.

If Superheroes has Business Cards
Posted on 3rd May 2017

If you enjoyed our first article speculating about the business cards superheroes might use, then welcome to the second part.As digital effects get more powerful and cheaper, more and more superhero films and TV series are coming out – Read More.

6 Reasons to choose Plastic Business Cards
Posted on 24th November 2016

Despite the dominance of all things digital, the humble business card is still a vital marketing tool for any business. That’s not to say the business card hasn’t evolved itself though. In fact, if you’re looking to really impress clients and stand out from the crowd, plastic business cards are the latest must have for any go-getter – Read More.

6 Reasons to choose Plastic Business Cards
Posted on 24th November 2016

Despite the dominance of all things digital, the humble business card is still a vital marketing tool for any business. That’s not to say the business card hasn’t evolved itself though. In fact, if you’re looking to really impress clients and stand out from the crowd, plastic business cards are the latest must have for any go-getter – Read More.

Why Loyalty Card schemes work
Posted on 28th September 2016

Card schemes are the umbilical cord that nourishes a loyal consumer base and thereby gives birth to greater profitability. However, not all loyalty schemes are created equal, and whether or not they drive revenue growth comes down to their implementation, their design, and how well they integrate with an overall sales model – Read More.

The Psychology behind logo design
Posted on 26th May 2016

Creating a logo is about more than colour or shape. it is the symbol for your business, the identity mark of who you are and what you do, and as such, is infinitely more than the sum of its parts – Read More.

How 19 Famous Logos have Evolved over time
Posted on 4th May 2016

Here we have 19 of the world’s most famous logos through the years, showing how they have changed and adapted to technological, design and social trends and changes – Read More.

Top 10 weird & wonderful University Societies
Posted on 10th September 2015

It’s getting to that time of year again where university societies are getting ready for a fresh intake of new students and we have taken a look at some of the weirdest, yet wonderful university societies from up and down the country – Read More.

5 Famous Logos and their stories
Posted on 10th July 2015

At The Plastic Card People we understand the importance a logo plays in establishing and maintaining a brands presence, below we look at five famous logos, the history behind them and how they have evolved over the years – Read More.

The Brilliance of The Plastic Gift Card
Posted on 7th April 2015

Sales of pre-paid Gift Cards continue to rise as consumers turn to this option in favour of traditional gifts. This allows the recipient to enjoy the satisfaction of spending money and choosing something they like without expense to themselves. The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA) estimated the total market value to be just over £5 billion in 2013, with 70% of sales via plastic gift cards – Read More.

The Benefits of the Hotel Key Card
Posted on 6th February 2015

Plastic Key Cards have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years with the majority of large hotels now opting for this plastic card system over the traditional key, but why? – Read More.

Business Cards are still useful, but only if you are creative
Posted on 5th January 2015

If you ever meet your customers in person, handing them a business card is still an effective way to go about promoting your services. You just need to be more creative in the way you design it – Read More.

The Benefits Of Being Loyal: The Best Loyalty Cards Around
Posted on 2nd October 2014

Loyalty cards are great for customers. The rewards that they provide for shopping at certain stores can be excellent, and if used regularly, they can make you some serious savings.

Stores like them because they know the cards keep you shopping with them rather than their competitors. There are many loyalty cards available all over the world, and here are some of the best – Read More.

If SuperHeroes had business cards
Posted on 15th August 2014

Business cards are used to present information about a company or individual. They must be instantly recognisable and typically showcase the provider’s name, company and contact information.

Although this has changed in recent years, as with the growth of social media it is not uncommon to see social media addresses on business cards – Read More.

Creating Great Plastic Business Cards.
Posted on 28th May 2014

In today’s online world the information you could include on your business card is vast, spanning from contact details to links to professional online networks.

To help ensure your business card promotes you in the correct way leaving a long lasting impression, we’ve put together our tips for vital information to include – Read More.

The Perks of Gift Cards.
Posted on 4th November 2013

With Christmas fast approaching many retailers and shoppers are turning their attention towards gifts. This year it seems that unless you’d like a new PlayStation 4 or iPad mini the choice is quite limited.

Gift cards are becoming the choice present for many in 2013 as they have many advantages for the shopper and the retailer. The shopper can choose a gift card from a company or brand they think their recipient will love. This adds extra personality while removing the risk of giving a gift that is returned on Boxing Day.

Recipients have complete control over what they buy and a gift card at Christmas is often very well received as it allows the recipients to benefit from the Boxing Day sales – Read More.

Why Gift Cards Bring More Business Than Gift Vouchers.
If you’re over twenty you will remember the thrill of receiving a gift voucher for Christmas. The voucher would probably be for a book shop or music store and tucked inside a card that had been sent by a distant relative.

The thoughts of these vouchers bring back memories of fresh new paperbacks and bands we’d listen to again and again however they don’t hold the same power in today’s consumer market.

Gift vouchers can now be printed off at the till, many look simply like a receipt that is then presented in a card. The appearance lacks quality and thought regardless of the amount of money spent and many are easily slipped into a pocket never to be seen again – Read More.

The Business Benefits of Offering Gift Cards.
Many businesses believe that Gift Cards are only used by High Street stores however smaller retailers are now experiencing the benefits of offering these to their customers.

A gift card can easily fit through a letter box which enables you to charge less or even nothing for the delivery when people buy online. As more and more people choose the internet to shop, this is a huge incentive to buy. The convenience also prompts people to send directly from the internet as gifts and as gift cards are for a specific amount there’s no need for the customer to worry about the recipient seeing the receipt!

Your gift cards will sport your branding and contact details so wherever they go they always advertise your business. As they have value too, they will be treasured much more than a plain business card – Read More.

How Big Brands embrace loyalty to drive growth.
Already this year retail giants such as John Lewis, Amazon and Waitrose have been commended by top analytical gurus such as Research Farm and Micros for following the most profitable trend.

Last year with the demise of High Street stores such as Jessops, HMV and Blockbusters, retailers have been trying hard to combat show rooming and to retain custom. The businesses that have observed trends and moved with the times are those that show every chance of success and their tactics can be utilised no matter how big or small a business is.

The main strategy that has been embraced this year is customer loyalty. These brands know that by achieving loyalty from a customer they increase their sales, their conversions and also their custom through word of mouth, however it’s not simply a case of giving out loyalty cards, here’s how the big guys are getting it right – Read More.

Getting back to basics with offline marketing
In many ways, the Internet is the marketing arena for the 21st Century. From websites to social media, email marketing and pay per click, it seems the place for marketing is on the net. At the heart of the online campaign is the simple tweet or email. But if companies think they can get away with just marketing online they are making quite a drastic mistake. For many businesses they are seduced by the web and placed in a false sense of security. Without a powerful offline marketing approach – campaigns are likely to just collapse. I think it is time to get back to basics and keep out offline marketing tools well-tuned too. These tools are advancing too – and one of those is business card printing.

Plastic business cards, one of the most cost effective tools in offline marketing armoury can enhance your brand, contacts, communications, and referrals and lead to the next prospective sale months after meeting your lead. And where a tweet has a shelf life of about ten minutes or less, that’s definitely something to think about – Read More.

Business Marketing and Plastic Card Printing
With the advent of the recession all wise businessmen are looking to cut costs without disturbing quality or quantity. Marketing is a fundamental need for all businesses and at times it can seem like no reward is shown for an ever dwindling budget. True marketing starts from making sure your brand, your services and products are remembered by every prospective client you meet. And there is nothing more powerful than the trusty Plastic Business card.

Plastic business Cards have become essential in the salesman’s and businessman’s armoury when selling and marketing his organisations services and products. That’s all very well I can hear you say but we are trying to save money here. Aren’t ordinary business cards cheaper than plastic?
The material is important because nothing is more durable than plastic. People will view the business card as a reflection of your business. A card that gets dirty, and gets curled at the edges, is disposable and has no real value – it unfortunately passes those same values to the brand itself. Also because card is not durable it is not going to be around as long as plastic. Offer your clients a second class business token and they have already made decisions about your business – Read More.

The rise of the Plastic Card
In the 21st century, the plastic card has really come into its own. So slight, light and used in an instant, we rarely give it a second thought in our daily transactions and interactions. And that is how it is supposed to be – designed and styled for convenience, it really is at the core of how we market our businesses, keep secure, give a snapshot of our credentials, transfer money and buy products and services, and provide identification or evidence of qualification.

The plastic card has become an essential factor that brings ease of living. Take a step back and consider for a second what you may have in your wallet or your purse. There is more plastic cards there than just your debit and credit cards. Your driving credentials are now provided on a card, you may have a loyalty card from the last time you just sat down at your local coffee bar, then there is that business card you need to hold onto for the extension you have planned, and, if you lose the “Lazy Afternoon” membership card you so highly prize, you won’t be playing golf this Sunday afternoon – Read More.

The Key to Business Networking
Every business needs good marketing. From the SME to the international globetrotting organisation it is accepted that if your target market cannot access your services and products when the need arises, precious sales and return on investment is missed. There are many different levels of marketing, from television advertising to Sunday Newspaper adverts, & leaflet drops to websites, essential marketing can eat up a company’s budget very quickly.

But the fact is the most powerful marketing can be ridiculously simple doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact one of the cheapest forms of marketing – (which you have even probably invested in already) is probably sitting in your pocket right this very minute. Reliable and essential plastic business cards are the key to business marketing – Read More.