Business Cards are Still Useful

Ah, the business card – the pre-internet thinking-man’s marketing tool. Back in the days when people used a big yellow book to find a particular product or service, the business card was a pretty big deal – it showed that you were a serious organisation, a professional operator that knew their stuff.

Today, in a marketing world increasingly dominated by search engine optimisation and social media, the business card is increasingly overlooked as a promotional tool. It should not be, though, because good old offline marketing is still as relevant as ever. It is relevant in attracting local customers and it is relevant in getting those offline customers to check out your shiny new website.

If you ever meet your customers in person, handing them a business card is still an effective way to go about promoting your services. You just need to be more creative in the way you design it. People these days no longer have such a great need to hold onto a plastic card – Google will help them find you. The internet is probably partly to blame for the fact that 88% of business cards are thrown away

Make That First Impression Count

In less than a week – although that is more likely to be due to many cards being truly awful.

A business card has to sell your business in a way that is unique and engaging; it has to give the recipient a reason to want to call you or visit your website. This small piece of plastic/cardboard will often be the first impression a person has of your business – if it features a horrible design and a Hotmail email address, people will not take you seriously.

Creativity is essential in designing an effective business card; otherwise, your business will just blend in with the thousands of others. A card needs to be unique, memorable, and even useful.

Always remember, a business card is a marketing tool, not just a piece a card with your contact details on it.

To Make a Good First Impression, Create a Card That

Beyond that, you have free reign to come up with something that will benefit your business.

A business card cannot single-handedly ensure your success, but it will certainly provide all the information needed to help! Be creative and you will see results.

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