Business Marketing and Plastic Card Printing With the advent of the recession all wise businessmen are looking to cut costs without disturbing quality or quantity. Marketing is a fundamental need for all businesses and at times it can seem like no reward is shown for an ever dwindling budget. True marketing starts from making sure your brand, your services and products are remembered by every prospective client you meet. And there is nothing more powerful than the trusty Plastic Business card.

Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business Cards have become essential in the salesman’s and businessman’s armoury when selling and marketing his organisations services and products. That’s all very well I can hear you say but we are trying to save money here. Aren’t ordinary business cards cheaper than plastic? The material is important because nothing is more durable than plastic. People will view the business card as a reflection of your business. A card that gets dirty, and gets curled at the edges, is disposable and has no real value – it unfortunately passes those same values to the brand itself. Also because card is not durable it is not going to be around as long as plastic. Offer your clients a second class business token and they have already made decisions about your business.

Plastic card Printing

We are lucky in this technological day and age to be able to have companies that create highly stylish brand conscious business cards at the click of a button. You can design your card online and 500 unique business cards are with you within 2 or 3 days. But this can be expensive depending on the size of your budget and luckily there are ways to cut down the cost even more. Many business managers are now contemplating creating their own designs. As long as the creative skills are in-house this can be a very beneficial route to take. It allows a business to create their own designs at reduced costs whenever needed - bulk and at double the speed. This allows organisations – especially large organisations - to be more flexible with overall design changes. For instance it is often a good idea to have your original design created by a professional business card company, and then your business manager would be able to make small changes such as employee names, locations, and telephone numbers or extensions depending on organisational requirements.

Creating that design

And if you have that flair for design and marketing you can also create those designs yourself from scratch. Adobe Illustrator is a great application for integrating all your creative ideas that pack a punch. Simple to use with guidelines, themes, and colour schemes, when using in tandem with Adobe Acrobat, you can see your creations on the fly. But always remember the final creation should reflect your brand (don’t forget the logo and strapline), the type of services and products you offer and the essential contact information such as Company name, your name, your role, telephone number, email address, web address and mobile number.

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