Business Cards

Here at The Plastic Card People we are specialists in the manufacturing of high quality, low cost Plastic Cards. We pride ourselves on our great quality Plastic Cards, high levels of customer service and our friendly staff who are here to help, as we know Plastic Cards, Smart Cards & Key Tags inside and out.

In today's online world the information you could include on your business card is vast, spanning from contact details to links to professional online networks. To help ensure your business card promotes you in the correct way leaving a long lasting impression, we've put together our tips for vital information to include.

Its important to remember that you don't want your business card to be cluttered, so don't feel you need to use every bit of space. A good way of utilising the space available is to include your company logo and possibly business tag line on the front of the card, with all other information on the flip side.

With methods of communication ever-changing and to keep up with the times links to social media profiles are important to include. However don't forget to use links to your company's accounts and not your personal ones.

QR codes are everywhere nowadays and are great way of retrieving information easily and quickly. Including one on your business card presents the perfect opportunity to include a link to your website or online profiles.

For job seekers, plastic business cards present the perfect opportunity to showcase more than just traditional contact details. You've also got to remember that at job fairs potential employers will most likely be meeting 100s of people exactly like you so giving them a way of remembering you is key to standing out from the crowd.

We recommend, where relevant, including the following information alongside your personal contact details:

The address of your LinkedIn profile
A link to your personal website or online portfolio

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