If Superheroes had business cards

Business cards are used to present information about a company or individual. They must be instantly recognisable and typically showcase the provider's name, company and contact information. Although this has changed in recent years, as with the growth of social media it is not uncommon to see social media addresses on business cards.

Imagine if superheroes had business cards... Superheroes have a universal appeal for people of all ages and backgrounds. They have thrilled generations of fans over the years, from their earliest comic book days to the nonstop stream of blockbuster films that seem to come out of Hollywood every year. Here are five of the most popular superheroes along with their main super powers and what their business cards could look like.

Superman aka Clark Kent

Superman is one of the earliest superheroes, as well as one of the most popular. The focus of endless comics, TV programmes and films, he is in many ways the ultimate superhero. His list of superpowers is extensive, and some of the main ones include the following:

Flying - his ability to fly is due in part to the lower gravitational pull present on Earth compared to on Krypton.

Speed - Superman's is faster than a bullet allowing him to get from A to B in no time at all.

X-ray vision - he can look through walls and solid objects, with the only thing he can't look through being lead.

Incredible strength - his strength is almost limitless, and he has even shown the ability to move planets on occasion.

Vision and hearing - he can see and hear in much greater detail than humans.

Solar energy from eyes - he can fire out solar energy in a laser beam for all sorts of useful reasons.

Exhalation of large amounts of air - he can breathe in huge amounts of air and then breathe it out again for various purposes, including extinguishing fires. In one comic he breathed in an entire tornado.

Batman aka Bruce Wayne

Batman, one of the classic superheroes, is human and therefore does not have any actual superhuman powers. However, he is incredibly skilled in many areas, which you could argue give him almost superhuman abilities.

One of his key skills is his genius-level intellect, which has given him the ability of an expert detective. He is also skilled in a wide range of disciplines.

Martial arts is one of his strongpoints, and he is an incredible fighter. He is also a ninjutsu expert, making him excellent at stealth. He is also a skilled escapologist and has been shown to escape from a wide variety of traps.

Another one of his key skills is the ability to handle large amounts of pain while retaining the ability to function normally.

The Incredible Hulk aka Bruce Banner

The Incredible Hulk is the angry version of Bruce Banner. Banner himself is blessed with an incredible mind and is considered a scientific genius. However, it is as the hulk that his true superpowers are revealed.

The Hulk has incredible strength, and he is quite simply one of the strongest things alive. His strength is almost limitless, providing him with the ability to leap into orbit. He is also incredibly fast, and he is almost completely impervious to damage, allowing him to take nuclear explosions on the chin. However, in the rare occasions when he is injured, he heals in seconds.

Spiderman aka Peter Parker

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker developed all kinds of superhuman abilities. Chief among these is the ability to climb walls and cling to them at all sorts of odd angles. He also has incredible strength, speed and agility, far more than the average human.

Another of his powers is the sixth sense that he developed, referred to as his 'spider-sense', and this alerts him to danger. He also uses mechanical devices to shoot webs from his wrists, which he uses to swing from buildings or to trap the bad guys.

Captain America aka Steven Rogers

Like Batman, Captain America does not possess any superhuman powers exactly, but his abilities go far beyond that of normal people. Chief among his abilities are strength, speed, agility, endurance, durability and healing abilities, all of which are far superior to the standard human level.

He also has a primary weapon in his shield which is made from the indestructible 'vibranium', which he throws with deadly accuracy.

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