If you enjoyed our first article speculating about the business cards superheroes might use, then welcome to the second part.As digital effects get more powerful and cheaper, more and more superhero films and TV series are coming out. The two main comic empires, DC and Marvel, are having a titanic battle for supremacy at the box office with Marvel arguably winning at the moment.That means there's a seemingly unending range of superheroes being put in front of new audiences.

So what might their business cards be like?

The star of a very well received recent film, Deadpool is an anarchic anti-hero who is disfigured and mentally unstable.
In early comics he was introduced as a super-villain but evolved into a more ambiguous character, often acting as a mercenary. A mutant who was experimented on with Wolverine's DNA, his primary power is being able to heal so quickly that he is impossible to kill or injure.

Daredevil is the alter-ego of Matt Murdoch, who is blinded by a radioactive substance as a child.
This also causes a mutation which heightens all his other senses to superhuman levels. He can detect the environment around him in a way that belies his blindness and is an expert martial arts practitioner. He develops into a formidable crime-fighter in the Batman mould and a lawyer in real life.

Nicknamed the "Scarlet Speedster", the Flash refers to at least four humans who have somehow gained a mysterious "speed force". This allows them to move at super speed and have incredibly fast reflexes.The Flash is often a key component of one of DC Comics' teams of superheroes such as the Justice League and the Justice Society of America, but also has his own comics and TV series.

Tony Stark is the multi-billionaire playboy owner of high-tech Stark Industries, started by his father.
It's his company that provides his superpowers in the form of an almost indestructible metal suit stuffed with astonishing gadgets and weaponry.The power unit of the suit keeps him alive because a piece of shrapnel, lodged close to his heart, cannot be removed without killing him. It also enables him to fly and has high-tech communications devices.

We hope you've enjoyed our roundup, even if you aren't endowed with super powers yourself.

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