If you enjoyed our first two articles speculating about the business cards superheroes might use, then welcome to the third part!

As digital effects get more powerful and cheaper, more and more superhero films and TV series are coming out. The two main comic empires, DC and Marvel, are having a titanic battle for supremacy at the box office with Marvel arguably winning at the moment.That means there's a seemingly unending range of superheroes being put in front of new audiences.

Green Arrow 
AKA: Oliver Queen

Another billionaire superhero, master archer Oliver Queen takes the mantle of the Green Arrow, a crime-fighter operating in Seattle and fictional Star City.With his bow and arrows enhanced by a bewildering array of technology, he can shoot arrows with all sorts of effects, such as explosive tips, glue, grappling hooks, tear gas and much more.

Black Widow
AKA: Natasha Romanova

A rare find, Black Widow is a female superhero. Like Iron Man and the Green Arrow, she does not have superpowers apart from biotechnology-enhanced healing powers. She is a superb athlete, gymnast, hand-to-hand fighter and combat strategist. A number of different people have taken the Black Widow character, the latest being Natasha Romanov, originally a Russian spy who defected and became a key member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Doctor Strange
AKA: Dr Stephen Strange

Originally a brilliant surgeon, Dr Stephen Strange searches the world for a way to heal his hands after damaging them in an accident. After finding the 'Ancient One' in the Himalayas he studies martial arts and mystical ways.He eventually replaces the Ancient one as 'Sorcerer Supreme', responsible for protecting Earth from mystical threats and becomes "the mightiest magician in the cosmos".

AKA: Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier is one of two main leaders of mutants in Marvel's X-Men series (the other being his old friend Magneto) and is one of the world's most powerful telepaths. He establishes a school as a safe haven for persecuted mutants and creates Cerebro, a machine that enhances his powers so that he can see and contact any mutant on the planet.

We hope you've enjoyed our roundup, even if you aren't endowed with super powers yourself.

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