The Benefits of Being Loyal: The Best Loyalty Cards Around

The Benefits of Being Loyal: The Best Loyalty Cards Around

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard is one of the best loyalty cards around, and it has been since it was launched in the 1990s. It provides you with points every time you spend, and more points can be earned with special offers. You can then use the points in-store or in a wide range of other places, including cinemas and attractions.

Sainsbury's Nectar

Nectar is one of the largest loyalty card schemes in the UK, and it has many partners. Its simple system, providing you with points every time you spend and allowing you to cash them in at a number of places, including online, has made it into one of the best cards to have with you when you go shopping.

Boots Advantage

Launched in 2007, this is one of the most generous plastic loyalty cards in the UK, providing four points for each £1 spent. One of its best features is that it uses data to provide personalised promotions on receipts for customers, making sure you get access to the best offers for you.

British Airways

The Executive Club is available in Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can collect Avios points through the scheme that you can then spend on flights, upgrades and other rewards. You even get certain rewards just for joining up, such as exclusive deals for members.

My Starbucks Rewards

Register a Starbucks Card and download a free app, and you will get a star whenever you use your card to buy a coffee. 15 stars provides you with a free drink, which can quickly add up to a lot of free coffees depending on how often you drink at Starbucks. If you get 50 stars in a year, you are promoted to Gold level. This then provides you with extra bonuses including free extra shots, syrup, whipped cream and more.


Bloomingdales provides Loyallist points for every dollar spend either in-store or via the website. After you have built up 5,000 points, you get $25 to spend, and there are opportunities to get double and triple the standard points at different times of the year.


Macy's Star Rewards provide a wide range of rewards and special offers, some of which are even printed on your receipt when you make a purchase. The coupons provide some great discounts, and you can use your phone to manage your account.

Intercontinental Hotels Priority Club

With thousands of hotels in over 100 countries, it's well worth taking advantage of this reward scheme if you travel a lot. You earn points whenever you stay at a hotel, and you can then redeem them to take advantage of a number of excellent rewards and offers.

Star Searching for the Best Loyalty Cards

The Benefits of Being Loyal: The Benefits of  Loyalty Cards for Yuor Business

Loyalty cards often come with excellent rewards if you choose the right ones, and they can help you to get something for nothing when you shop. Whether you take advantage of one of the above cards or you find others that you prefer, make sure you use loyalty cards as much as possible and get more value out of your shopping.

The Benefits of  Loyalty Cards for Yuor Business

If you are looking for a way to generate business while simultaneously marketing your brand, a loyalty card could be the perfect solution. Loyalty cards are a marketing tool used all over the world, and the above examples include just some of the big name brands which use them. However they are not just for companies with huge marketing budgets, as plastic loyalty cards can be cost effective for businesses of all sizes with low costs and minimum orders of 100 cards.

The idea and implementation of loyalty cards are pretty straightforward: you simply provide your customers with a card, which they can then use to collect stamps or points to earn some kind of reward for their loyalty. While you will need to be prepared to honour these rewards, the benefits of using a loyalty card scheme far outweigh any sort of loss incurred as a result of paying out on these incentives.

These Benefits include:

Increased Sales

Customers are encouraged to keep on coming back for more to take advantage of offers. The more they shop, the more rewards they receive.

Increased Product Awareness

Customers can be encouraged into trying – and eventually buying – something new by firstly being offered it free of charge. For example, with every five hot drinks purchased you could offer customers a free slice of cake. The customer tries the cake, the customer loves the cake; the customer buys a slice of cake next time they visit.

Customer Retention

Loyalty cards are a tried and trusted way to keep customers. The promise of rewards is a brilliant incentive. It also makes the customer happy, which works wonders for loyalty.

Customers Awareness

A loyalty card scheme is a brilliant way to track and analyse what your customers are buying and tailor your reward offers around their shopping habits. The information you obtain can also be put to good use to market popular products.

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