The Benefits of the Hotel Key Card

Plastic Key Cards have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years with the majority
of large hotels now opting for this plastic card system over the traditional key, but why?
Below we explore the benefits of these cards.


One of the main features of hotel key cards are how lightweight they are. Gone are the
days of carrying a traditional key with you, key cards fit perfectly in your purse or wallet.
Key cards are also an easier solution for anyone who needs access to multiple rooms.


Guests are able to check straight out with their key cards making the process a lot
smoother and time-saving for everyone.


Gone are the days of having to change locks or getting replacement keys cut. If a guest
loses their key card there's no need to worry about finding the master/skeleton key,
simply deactivate their lost key card and issue a new one.

Less Risk

Traditional keys will need to be marked with a room number meaning that anyone who
gained possession of that key would know which room it was for. Where as key cards
are not marked with the hotel room number providing ultimate security for guests.

Restricts Unwanted Entry

Providing high security for guests, key cards are able to restrict entry to the hotel after a
certain time on an evening.

Ability to Brand & Personalise

Key cards can be personalised to promote the brand with a sleek design that
represents what the brand stands for, also a great way of advertising.

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