The Key to Business Networking Every business needs good marketing. From the SME to the international globetrotting organisation it is accepted that if your target market cannot access your services and products when the need arises, precious sales and return on investment is missed. There are many different levels of marketing, from television advertising to Sunday Newspaper adverts, & leaflet drops to websites, essential marketing can eat up a company’s budget very quickly. But the fact is the most powerful marketing can be ridiculously simple doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact one of the cheapest forms of marketing – (which you have even probably invested in already) is probably sitting in your pocket right this very minute. Reliable and essential plastic business cards are the key to business marketing. Leaflets, brochure logo, website and plastic business cards are the essential four elements for any business start-up. But it is the business card which remains grossly underrated and underused. Business managers tend to waste money on higher forms of marketing before they make use of the cost effective tools they already have at their fingertips. And business cards go hand in hand with powerful business networking.

Networking preparation

When networking, or visiting a potential client, you want to leave behind a clear message of what your company is about, why you are credible, an idea of the services and products you can provide, and also how that can be accessed in the future. And that is where the business card comes into its own. Too often the business card is not given as much credibility as a marketing tool. It is so much a part of the business handshake – it can be easily forgotten. So it ends up getting stuffed away in some pocket somewhere and eventually gets thrown out with the garbage. Whereas if they were given the investment they deserve – the recipient would place much more value on them, keep them and refer to them in the future. One small cost effective strip is all the prospective buyer needs. A quality card will suggest a thriving, credible business, a well-designed card will summarise the company’s products and services, and each card will have all contact details. Most of all the business card can remain in someone’s wallet, on a business table, on show on a shop counter forever…so long as it is durable.

Plastic Business Cards

The problem with ordinary business cards is it doesn’t take long before they are crinkled, the edges are turned up and they get bent up. This taints your brand and how you are remembered. Business cards are usually handed out on first meeting and there is nothing worse than a bad first impression. Plastic business cards offer all you need to ensure you leave the right message with the prospective client because they are durable. They are going to last so when your client needs your services they will be looking hot months after changing hands. Plastic business cards are the key to powerful business marketing. They show to the prospective client that you are a credible thriving company and what’s more they have a memory of your meeting for a long time to come.

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