The Perfect Gift
For Christmas

For some, the giving of a gift card at Christmas is seen as slightly impersonal or lazy. But the truth is that many people would prefer to receive a gift card over something they can't use, like clothing that's too small. There are few things as unpleasant as having to return a gift - it can be a major hassle, and makes it difficult to explain to your loved one why you aren't using the thing they bought you for Christmas.

Here are some reasons why gift cards are the perfect gift for Christmas:

Ensuring people get something they want

Whether you give someone a gift card for their favourite fashion outlet or somewhere they like to buy games, a gift card ensures the recipient will get something they want. They have the freedom to choose something for themselves, and you are saved the "Christmas stress" of trying to find the right item for everyone. Gift cards also make a great gift for people you don't know very well. Some retailers sell a little of everything, particularly online ones - getting a gift card for these outlets pretty much guarantees the recipient will find something they want.

Preventing overspending

If you are buying for lots of people, you can easily budget a specific amount for each gift card. This prevents any arguments about one person getting a more expensive gift than another, and it saves you having to shop for each person.

Overspending is very common when shopping for Christmas presents, and gift cards make it much easier to stick to a predetermined budget.

Save your precious time

With the convenience of the internet and gift card printing services, people don't even need to leave their home to do their Christmas shopping. Gift cards can be spent online, and online gift cards can be purchased - many can even be customised with personal images and messages. There is always so much to do around the festive season, and taking hours of wandering the shops out of the equation can really be a lifesaver.


For practical people who are always reluctant to spend any money on themselves, a gift card can provide the opportunity to browse the shops and enjoy the process of choosing something they want - guilt-free! Alternatively, you could get a gift card from a practical retailer - some people would love a gift card for their groceries. Not to mention a gift card is a great option to provide for those people that are really difficult to buy for!