The Perks of Gift Cards

With Christmas fast approaching many retailers and shoppers are turning their attention towards gifts. This year it seems that unless you’d like a new PlayStation 4 or iPad mini the choice is quite limited. Gift cards are becoming the choice present for many in 2013 as they have many advantages for the shopper and the retailer.

Shopper Perks

The shopper can choose a gift card from a company or brand they think their recipient will love. This adds extra personality while removing the risk of giving a gift that is returned on Boxing Day. Recipients have complete control over what they buy and a gift card at Christmas is often very well received as it allows the recipients to benefit from the Boxing Day sales. With children obsessed with technology, grandparents find it difficult to buy presents. Often they’re not aware of the gaming console of choice while the children may receive updates on Christmas Day itself. A gift card is an ideal present as it allows a grandparent to satisfy modern tastes without taking out a degree in IT.

Retailer Perks

Gift cards are easy to store, they seldom have use by dates (unless you specify ones to be added) and they can be placed in hot spots around a store. They fit easily on a counter and can be for any amount of money, from one pound to a hundred. This prompts shoppers to add them when checking out. Sales For ecommerce, gift cards are essential. Almost every savvy business now offers gift cards, either as a way for their customers to save or as a gift alternative. They are often sent out with free package and postage ensuring the shopper receives the full amount and making it very easy to add to a current order. Returns Gift cards are a much better alternative for retailers than exchanges or returns. Those presented with gift cards will choose what they want from the store, whereas presents carry a little risk. The return of products after the Christmas season can cost online businesses a small fortune.


Gift cards can help you measure your marketing, online or offline. You can see how many you’ve sold and adjust your marketing to retain those new customers that will be flooding through your doors come Boxing Day. As gift vouchers aren’t exchangeable for cash, you also have a huge opportunity to upsell as customers would prefer to spend an extra pound to get the full value of the card, rather than lose a pound by buying something cheaper. Gift Cards really are a festive resolution shoppers and retailers should embrace before the New Year for swift gift solutions. It costs very little to order gift cards for your store, online or offline. Each card is an incredible marketing tool on its own as it displays a retailers logo, address and contact details. Fitting easily into a purse or wallet, you could find your gift cards are carried by new customers across the UK. From promotion to ensuring a sale and satisfying the consumers demand for giving a gift without risk of return, gift cards are an essential profit booster for the savvy retailer this Christmas.

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