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Succeeding in modern business requires networking with your customers and others in the same business. However, not all networking is good networking. As with anything else in business, networking the right way builds your reputation and grows your customer base. That is the ultimate goal, is it not?

Here are The Plastic Card People's top tips for successful networking that will prove fruitful regardless of the size and scope of your business:

The image you present to new prospects is the image they are most likely to use as a filter every time they interact with you. So make that image a good one. Dress well, speak articulately, be polite and courteous, and always have a business card or brochure ready to hand out. Plastic business cards are hot right now – these present a very professional image.

Preparation is key to successful networking, whether you are planning to attend a formal networking event or you are merely mingling at a trade show or industry conference. Being prepared means always being ready to present your business and answer any questions that might arise. Preparation breeds confidence, confidence breeds success.

Networking is not necessarily about making a sale with every interaction. It is about building relationships with potential customers, vendors, and peers. Strong relationships result in consistent sales over the long term; focusing on short-term sales is just that. One good way to foster existing relationships is through customer reward/loyalty programmes. Members can be given plastic loyalty cards that gives them access to special rewards and at the same time, provides a constant reminder of your company.

You may not be able to provide the products or services a potential customer is looking for. Nevertheless, what about that business owner you met at the last networking event? If he or she can meet the need, refer the customer to that individual. This sort of give and take makes business-to-business relationships that much stronger. You will quickly discover your peers are referring others to your business as a result.

Networking is all about long-term growth based on a strong foundation. A business owner willing to focus on networking instead of immediate, short-term sales will find it easier to sustain a profitable venture for many years into the future.

So grab your plastic cards and get out there to network.

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